l  development history




l  The company's formal unified name: Guangdong Kede Hardware Technology Co., Ltd., to develop the KD Available Brand.

l  Achieved ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standardization Certification.

l  Metal Bluetooth Acoustic Thermal Cup, Bluetooth Acoustic Projector and Bluetooth Acoustic Ice Barrel have been developed and put into production in large quantities.

l  Alibaba International Website Platform for Global Promotion and SalesThe head

l  office has 16 industrial parks.


l  Four patents for independent products and three brand and trademark certifications of the company are obtained.


l  Submit patent applications for self-developed products such as intelligent insulating cups, tea leaks, 

l  etc.Agreement between Head Office and Listed Logistics Company for Cooperation of Logistics Park.


l  Agreements and cooperation agreements with the second well-known listed company.


l  OEM insulating cup, metal kitchenware production.

l  Provide customers with OEM, insulating cups, ice buckets and other kitchen metal products label.


l  It is recognized by the industry and has stable and sound supply chain resources.


l  Sign cooperation agreement with the first listed company for the first time.


l  Stable industry is the cornerstone of the foundation. In order to commemorate the company's growth along the way and inspire future generations of the company, the factory was renamed Dongguan Yilixin Hardware Technology Co., 

l  Ltd.Develop and overcome the technical barrier of hardware kitchenware products, save cost for customers and maintain stable quality.


l  For the first time, domestic contract sales exceeded production capacity......


l  Upgraded to Dongguan Yixin Hardware Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., the factory takes on the foundation of Yixin and takes a more solid step.


l  Head office invests to set up a branch company: Dongguan Kede Property Investment Co., Ltd. and constructs and manages five industrial parks.Available Yanfeng Industrial Park, Available Toy Science and Technology Industrial Park, Available Small Enterprise Pioneer Park, Available Jewelry Industry Park, Available Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, etc. ..


l  Head office invests to set up branch company: Shenzhen Kede Property Investment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Kede Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


l  Establish a professional R&D team.


l  Establish a standardized management team.


l  Establishment of head office: Dongguan Kede Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. and office in Fenggang Central District.Invest in the construction of industrial plants, unify investment and form specialized industrial parks.Company sales exceeded 25 million.


l  Expanding the Pearl River Delta Infrared Receiver Head, Set Top Box, Locomotive Customer Group, with stable customer capital


l  Undertake hardware products such as TV set-top boxes, mainly for and end-user sources: TCL, Gree, Mei, etc.


l  Become a second-class supplier of BYD to undertake the production of locomotive housing.


l  Through six months of continuous research and testing, to solve product bottlenecks for customers.Successfully undertake Harbin Shenzhen Kede Company as the first main customer, specializing in the production of infrared receiving head iron shell support.


l  Founded in Dongguan, it has become a hardware product company which mainly produces, sells and customizes hardware products. The name of the start-up company is Yexin Precision Hardware.