How to Clean Fried Blue and Fried Pot?

  Kede news     |      2017-11-14 16:26:40
  1. For stainless steel deep-fried blue, you can use cleaning to remove grease scale. Pour the detergent on the cloth and use the cloth to evenly scrub and fry the blue. The oil stain will soon fall off.

  2.  For the bottom grease scale of pig iron pan, if there is abandoned cooking oil at home, such as the waste oil after frying fish, the iron pan can be turned upside down and dried on a fierce fire. When the black smoke of the iron pan is about to turn red, the waste oil will be sprinkled on the grease scale. The waste oil will burn up, and then it will be sprinkled two or three times before the fire stops. Knock on the iron pan with a spade, etc. (it doesn't need much effort) and the grease will fall off.

  3. For pig iron pot, thick and sticky bottom grease scale can also be removed by knife. Common cutters such as kitchen knives can be used for scale removal, but these cutters are not easy to grasp the strength, easy to hurt the pot, but also more laborious. It is recommended to scrape with a peeling knife. The effect is good and the operation is easy.

  4. For crude pig iron pots and casseroles, hot soap water and wire balls can also be used to scrub grease stains, but after such cleaning, it is easy to cause rust at the bottom of the casserole, so it is better to apply oil layer protection after cleaning. Other pots do not recommend wiping with steel balls, easy to scratch the bottom of the pot, forming scratches, resulting in more oil deposits in scratches later. The bottom grease scale of casserole, enamel pot or stainless steel pot can be soaked in white vinegar. If the crude consumption is considered to be reduced, vinegar can be applied on the grease scale, and then dried and coated several times. After soaking for an hour, you can find something soft and hard, such as corncob, and wipe it hard enough to remove the grease scale completely. If it is not thoroughly removed, it may be that the inner layer is not soaked thoroughly enough. After wiping off part of it, it will be soaked in vinegar for a while and then continue to scrub.

  5. Aluminum cooker is not corrosion-resistant, hardness is not high, easy to scratch, therefore, can be soaked in hot soapy water for more than one hour, and then scrubbed with coarse cloth. For casseroles, stainless steel pots or enamel pots, toilet detergents can also be used to clean the bottom of the pot grease scale, the effect is very good. Sprinkle toilet detergent on the greasy dirt in the bottom of the pan, and then sit for about an hour. Take the tap and rinse it. It's OK.