Vacuum cup tea scale scale in addition?

  Kede news     |      2017-11-14 16:27:25

Autumn temperature gradually cool, vacuum cup fixture is a lot of people. Although the vacuum cup tea water is very convenient, but with long, scale, tea scale has become a trouble, it is difficult to clean. So, how should clean vacuum cup?

First of all, the bane of the dirt of baking soda. For baking soda is weakly alkaline, can in addition to the tea scale mainly swelling effect, make the dirt adhesion, easy to lift off from the glass.

The scale and with what method purify? Can in vacuum cup into the lemon and lemon juice, add boiling hot water, soak for an hour or so a little, after reoccupy sponge scrub clean. No lemon with white vinegar also has the same effect, but because of the taste of vinegar is strong, with vinegar after cleaning, have to wash with hot water.

In addition, due to the internal structure of the vacuum cup is more complex, especially the bottle and lid groove pattern is more, not serious cleaning, shelter evil people and practices easily. Taiwan Lin chieh-liang physician care association of health supervisors Tan Duici said, water can't wash the groove of the dirt in vacuum, suggest stick cotton or brush carefully clean aperture in the dirt. Lid and close contact with the mouth should be pay attention to, and had better wash everyday after use, does not accumulate dirt and germs. Sometimes, inner surface adhesion of greasy dirt, not easy to clean, can use soft brush with detergent or baking soda scrub, reoccupy clear water rinse. Don't use stainless steel ball or microfiber cloth, so as to avoid scratching the endometrium