Vacuum cleaning not clean will have a lot of bacteria?

  Kede news     |      2019-09-10 16:28:31
  1. Vacuum cup believe many people will have a home, or several, we often use in our daily life keep-warm glass, such as to work or school, etc. Especially in the winter, vacuum cup is almost a must-have gadget. Many people take vacuum cup is not only used to hold water, more and more people like to make tea. And temperature are generally not very deep very fine, we are not out in hand, so, time is long it will remain a lot of bilge water or some bacteria. We clean out again, with the more the longer the dirty things inside, it makes an impact on our bodies. Small make up today will bring you a small tips, let you don't have to worry about this problem from now on.

  2. First we put some rice in vacuum, the home that can be used to cook. And then pour a little baking soda, there may be a net friend will feel put baking soda in, one thousand, when the time comes to wash not clean drink anymore? This you don't have to worry about, baking soda is all-purpose cleaner, it is non-toxic harmless, you can rest assured bold to use. Pour about 5 grams of baking soda, roughly half the spoon is good, then add 100 ml of water.

  3. At this time we will put the lid on, turn on the lid after we put the cup up and down or so sway, to all-round can wash to the glass. We shake on for about 3 minutes. Three minutes later we will open the lid, pour the water out, then you will find that originally to pour the water, and pour out the water is very cloudy. If there is such a situation, then it shows that your cup is a lot of dirty things.

  4. Finally the glass with water to wash it again, washed at the bottom of the cup like look brand-new. The perennial in the dirt and some bacteria, all take out. Rice water with the water that clean out rice is the same, is the water that clean out rice has bactericidal effect, not only can clean the bottom material, this also our cup sterilization, let us use this vacuum cup more healthy.

  5. If you are frequently used, then ten days or so can use this way to clean up once. This method is not only can wash the dirt of the bottom of the cup, the lid is also have a role on it. General lid is also difficult to wash, we can also choose to use cotton swabs to wash.

  6. Vacuum cleaning this question cannot be lightly, for the sake of his health, must not be lazy. To this, I don't know you learned to friends? If you also think of this method is simple to use, may wish to share with their friends and relatives around.